Are you prepared? – Opinion – The Red Brick Cafe

bug out bagMore often than not you hearing more and more about living off of the grid; of being prepared should society begin to collapse. How much of this is hype and how much is premonition?  Do we expect to continue to live the way the we do today?
I am not an extremist, but there are things that everyone should be looking at in order to not depend on everyone else for your quality of life.  This year a lot of people got a wake up call; areas of Southern Ontario went without power for up to a week, Florida got snow.  What else has to happen for people to realize that the world is changing, and society along with it.greenhouse
Mike and I are planning a garden this year.  When we move, we are looking at an inground greenhouse so that we will be able to have fresh food year round.  We are already on a well so that is nothing that we will have to get used to, but the new house will also have a hand pump in case we lose power. We are also looking at alternative energy sources so that we will not be so dependant on others.
I look forward to your comments so that we can continue with this string on the blog.
Until next time.