Back Home – News and Updates – The Red Brick Cafe

We are once again home from The Coffee and Tea Show 2011.  This year’s show was in the beautiful city of Vancouver.  There was much to learn from both vendors on the trade show floor and the seminars offered through the show.  So much information to filter through in the next couple of weeks.  In the next month we are on a quest to contact vendors, get new product in and introduce a new way of doing things to our regulars.
We have big plans for the new menu boards.  There will both be a new look and new ideas.  We looked a lot into the loose leaf tea market.  There is a large following (bigger than we originally thought) that leads to really cool products.  New steeping tea pots that let you watch as the loose leaf steeps is awesome.  It is definately a market that is worth watching.  We learned so much about the different teas and we are really stoked to introduce them to our regulars!
So, once again this year, we bring back new ideas and knowledge.  We can’t wait to start to implement the changes.  Mike and I are hoping that our clientelle will be as excited as we are to embrace a different way of seeing things.
Until next time……