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An excellent perspective from our guest writer Carla Harmer
meditation rocksBeing silent and introspective for 10 days gives a whole new perspective on life, on self, on the Creator, on many things. I have never taken the time to learn to be still and silent for an extended length of time before while also totally unplugged from the world of electronics and social media. Also learning to go within through meditation has been quite an experience. I have meditated for years but this is a new level of self compassion and understanding.
On about day 3, it was like my soul awakened and I saw the world through new eyes and heard through new ears. Sounds came alive that would have otherwise been background noise, now were a magnificent symphony. No longer just a blur, nature slowed down and I could see the detail of the bark of the trees, the sparkle of the snow falling on crisp mornings. The winter birds singing so cheerfully. What beautiful sounds that became to me like that of a child hearing them with excitement and adventure in her heart. Breathing in life and breathing in stillness. Taking time to “Be still and know that I am ….. God.”
Have an absolutely incredible day!