Boston and Beyond – Opinion – Red Brick Cafe

Boston Images of the Boston Marathon are etched into our minds. Mike and I are grateful to say that we left the day before the Marathon. We had just finished spending 5 days there. We were there for the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s 25th Annual Coffee Show.

We had spent a wonderful Saturday evening and Barlow’s Restaurant with our Dr. Smoothie supplier. It was an informative business meeting/night out. There was lots of good conversation and laughs and we all got to know each other a little better.
It is nights like Saturday that make you stop and think just how fragile the human condition can be. Had the bombs gone off at a different location at a different time, that could have been us. We could have been sitting enjoying each others’ company one minute and gone the next.
Now is the time to tell those people you love them; to do that special thing for them that you have been meaning to and not gotten around to. Now is the time to work on that bucket list. Do not wait to do what you love, do it now! Book that trip that you have been dreaming about. Do what you have been thinking about doing for yourself.
Live your life to the fullest.
And above all,