Challenges of a Small Business – Opinion – Red Brick Cafe

you are hereThere are many challenges in operating a small business; even more if you are in a small town. Many people will tell you how to do things, but it all comes down to is how things will work for you. What works in cities is almost guarenteed NOT to work in a small Northern Town. Our clintelle will ultimately determine whether we succeed or fail.
A small town can be slow to change, but not completely adverse to changing. What Mike and I have tried to do in the last couple of years is to stay on top of things without alienating our supporting clientelle. We changed our smoothies to Dr. Smoothie, we brought in Gojiccino, we changed the chai latte, and we streamlined our menu. On top of that we changed the decor.
I think that I can say that our regulars have accepted that we change things. As long as they can still get their ‘normal’ coffee, they are good. We have even converted a few of the regulars to try some different things. The café has now become a ‘safe’ place to discuss local issues and opinions. It is amazing the things you learn when you stay in the background……
Until next time!