Changing Weather – News and Updates – The Red Brick Cafe

In these days of unsettled weather it is always hard to determine what to expect.  Just last week we were into shorts and sandals, today we are back to jackets.  One thing that you can always find as a constant is a welcoming warm coffee.  No matter how crappy the weather, you can always find a smiling face and good conversation within The Red Brick.

Our customers have flipped from coffees to smoothies and back again due to the weather.  Last week it was the wild cherry/cranberry smoothies, now we are back to a double/double.  By Wednesday we should be back into the smoothie weather though.  We are supposed to be back up to 19.  The weekend looks good with temperatures between 19 and 21.  The weather people are saying that there is a chance of rain, but when do we know them to be 100% right?  So we are looking forward to grabbing a smoothie and heading down to the beach this weekend.  My favourite is swinging between the wild cherry/cranberry and the blueberry/banana right now.

The one thing that I will never regret moving to Sundridge for is the sunsets. There is nothing more awe inspiring than sitting on a bench by the beach and thinking ‘Wow, I really live here.’  It is a fantastic place to meet people and relax.  Or it is a short walk to the beach, or coffee, or treats from The Village Bins.  This is what paradise is to us. We hope that we will get a chance to share this with you soon.
Until then…..may your coffee always be warm!