Cheesecake! – News and Updates – The Red Brick Cafe

Our new cheesecakes
It is official.  We now have cheesecake bites.These are small squares of cheesecake that will give you the flavour without all of the calories. We have them in New York style, Raspberry Swirl and Turtle.  What better way to enjoy a warm afternoon than with a cheesecake bite and a flavoured coffee sitting at one of our bistro tables out front?
If you just want a taste of cheesecake in a liquid form, why don’t you try a Raspberry Cheesecake Frappe? or Strawberry Cheesecake Frappe?  These are rich and creamy and just might hit the spot on a warm afternoon at the beach.  If you are adventurous, come in and we will see what else we can mix with the cheesecake Torani to give you the kick that you are looking for.
If you are concerned about the calories, we have a June and July special.  Our Smooth Lime Smoothie blended with Vanilla Cream is a nice calorie wise option.  You also get three servings of fruit in the smoothie so it can make for a good meal substitute when you are on the run.  Come in and see what we have to offer.  There are plenty of options.  Just ask if you don’t see something on the menu board.  Chances are that we can accomodate, or at least come close.
Hope to see you soon!