Christmas Time – Lifestyle – The Red Brick Cafe

wellness2With the holidays fast approaching, many find that the stress is not far behind.  For many, this is one of the worst times of the year; others thrive on it.  One of the things to remember during this time, is to make time for yourself.  On one of my favourite websites, Wellness Girl, there is a 12 day challenge that starts today.
My husband and I do not celebrate Christmas.healthy  This is not a reflection on any one person but as society as a whole.  We do not believe that for a short season you should show people how much you love and respect them through gifts; this should be done the whole year through.  It is not the gift that should be of value, it is the thought that is put into it.
Do we not all feel better when a friend sees we are not having a good day and smiles and puts aside a couple of hours to talk to you about what is going on?  Is that not a better gift than some candle that was bought as a second thought?  We all know how valueable people’s time is.  Is it not a better gift to have family and friends together, regardless of the time of the year?
Please remember that this is only my personal opinion.  On the same note, you should treat every interaction as the last one that you will have with that person.  How ever you choose to spend the holidays, I wish you the best.
Peace and well-being until next time!