Coffee and Tea Show – News and Updates – The Red Brick Cafe

Once again we are back home from The Canadian Coffee and Tea Show.  Again we can say that the education, partnerships and contacts were absolutely invaluable to both us and the business.  New ideas abound and we are looking forward to our next year.
Many of the people that we met this year were looking to open cafes.  It was amazing to hear the new ideas that are in their business plans.  Mike and I were flattered with the number of people that were asking our opinion on certain things.  Of course we were somewhat limited when it came to information and advice for larger towns and cities as we are from a small tourist village.
We are looking forward to a few Grand Openings for the people we met this year.  One is planned for Toronto but we don’t have a date yet.  The other is in the Bahamas!  Both of these groups of people are amazing and we have every confidence that they will thrive in the cafe environments that they choose.
Opening a business can be a scary idea.  The one part that I can confidently say though is that cafe owners can be a very tight knit group.  We love to share ideas and contacts.  Our suppliers are impressed with the number of people that we sent their way.
So the next couple of months should be a very exciting ride!  For those looking for a coffee app, be sure to check out  Have an awesome day!