Dream Catcher – Opinion – The Red Brick Cafe

dreamHave you ever woken up from a dream feeling like it should mean more to you than it does?  Maybe that there is a hidden meaning within?  Many of us feel this from time to time.  And yet, there is very little explanation as to why some people remember their dreams more than others.
There are many schools of thought as to the meanings of dreams.  I can remember when I was growing up that there were the ‘definitive’ meanings for dreams.  Now, it is recommended that you look to yourself before going to someone else to define or find your meaning.dreams 2
I had a teacher in high school, Mr. Gell, who taught Introduction To Psychology and Sociology.  He always said that we should keep a pen and notebook beside your bed so that you could write down your dreams during your waking hours while they were still fresh. He always said that the best ways to interpret your dreams was to record everything (time, how you are feeling etc.) so that you could get an accurate mind-set.
What it comes down to is that no one will ever be able to properly interpret your dreams outside of yourself.  Think about this for awhile.  I look forward to the comments so that I may elaborate in the next dream post…..
Until next time.