Fish Tales II – Lifestyle – The Red Brick Cafe

whitefishWith the number of days for ice fishing beginning to dwindle, we are getting out as often as we can.  Unfortunately, I believe, that the fish a receiving a memo to watch out for my hooks.  Last Sunday we were out with a friend for 5 hours and, between the three of us, we caught one smelt.
It is now a running joke that my Moby Dick is alluding my hook.  My pet name for him is Richard.  My big plans for Richard involve a pot with some really hot oil.  I plan on having a very nice dinner with Richard, with just him and a beer.
All I am asking is for one good size fish.  One of our regulars is now in the lead for our competition.  I need to at least finish with a fish other than a smelt.  A Whitefish would be a nice finish for the season.  The huts have to be off of Lake Bernard on the 31st.  Just one decent sized fish, just one, is all I need.
It has actually come down to pride.  I really don’t mind losing the competition to one of our regulars.  It is hard to show your face as a  fisherman though if all that you have caught the whole season are 2 smelts.  I am hoping to get out one more time.  So, wish me luck.
Until next time….
May your coffee always be warm….