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ice hutsAs I push toward a healthier lifestyle, I am trying to incorporate meditation into my life.  Fishing to me, is as low stress as you can get.  It is a form of meditation for me.  I do not go out expecting to catch fish, I go out for the quiet time away from people and expectations.  To catch a fish is a bonus.
As I say that, Mike and I went out fishing a few weekends ago.  We have a portable hut that we take out on Lake Bernard.  It is a easy pop up thing that takes a couple of minutes to set up after the holes are drilled.  It keeps us warm and dry, so it is a great place for contemplation.
There have been a few health issues as of late so some down time is always good.  Fishing also allows Mike and I to just sit and enjoy each other’s company for a little while.  As much as we like working with the public, it is nice to just have some alone time every so often.wellness2  We get a chance then to contemplate what it is that we want and where we want to go from here.
To just sit and enjoy the silence is probably one of the best feelings.  If it is warm enough, as it usually is in March, we fish out in the open on the ice. There is no better feeling than sitting on the ice and realizing that we are living in a little piece of paradise.  Some may argue that they need the hustle and bustle, but Mike and I have found our peace in a small village between Huntsville and North Bay.
Until next time……