Five Year Plan – Lifestyle – The Red Brick Cafe

A lot has changed in my life over the past five years. We have built up the cafe, gotten married, had my daughter move out and start her life and done another five year plan. A small town makes you realize just how unprepared people are if something catastrophic should take place. A small town is much better equipped to deal with things, and yet, many have forgotten early lessons.
We are looking into a large property in an unorganized township. My dream is to build an earthship, completely off grid. With the earthship, we will have three in-ground green houses so that we can have fresh produce year round. I am in the process of collecting and propagating heirloom seeds so that we know what to expect….completely GMO free.
There will be several out buildings and bunkies. Each bunkie is designated to a person that has something to bring to the table; be it a mechanic, botanist, someone knowledgeable in herbal medicine, someone who can kill and skin an animal.
I know this sounds very doom and gloom but there has to be a point where people say enough is enough and take responsibility of their own lives.
Until next time……