Gardens?- Opinion – The Red Brick Cafe

Many will say that they do not have the space, or climate, or patience for a garden.  Truth be told, gardening can be what you make it.  I have a friend who has made a tower planter for her patio and it works for her. There are many sites with ideas on how to everyone involved.  I found that I really like the ideas in the apartment therapy blog.
Truth be told, it is everyone’s responsibility to this planet to start making smaller footprints.  How satisfying is it to know that you can go just outside of your door and pick your meal?gardening The health benefits of gardening are great as well.  Studies have shown that gardening can improve one’s overall satisfaction with life, as well as lowering your risk of osteoporosis, diabetes and depression.  It has been shown that gardening can, and is, used as a coping technique.
Gardening also has a social aspect when we take community gardens into the mix.  Not only does this allow for socialization across generations but also allows for interactions that may have never been made otherwise.  It allows people with similar passions and ideas to work together for change.  Instead of a coffee date we can set gardening dates… be followed by coffee.  While at the coffee shop why don’t you ask for some coffee grounds to put into your garden?  Then you can put two of your favourite things together and enjoy the outcome!
Until next time……