Goal Setting – Opinion – The Red Brick Cafe

 Each of us have our own challenges each and every day.  How we choose to deal with these is just that……our choice.  The first step to overcoming our challenges is to take ownership.  When we own our challenges we can start to control our surroundings.  The most important thing is that we can then figure out why this is a challenge to you.
Whether it be losing weight, dealing with a difficult person or being overwhelmed at school or work,  if we break our challenges down to more manageable components then they can actually seem less intimidating.  One day at a time seems like an over used cliche but it holds a deeper meaning to anyone who is trying to change something.  When the parts of the whole are broken down, anything can seem much less stressful.
If we can manage to keep a positive attitude and view things just a little bit differently, then things do seem to be just a little more manageable.  It is when we let doubt and insecurity in that the everyday things seem impossible.  So, once again, what it boils down to is our own attitude and how we choose our reality.  After all is said and done, we are our own worst enemy.  Make today a good day and decide that your challenges today are only small bumps in the road.  And remember to smile!