Health Trek – Day Eleven – Lifestyle – The Red Brick Cafe

poolessIt has been said that everything has to be figured out through trial and error. The dry shampoo that I was trying out wasn’t exactly what I hoped it would be. Then I tried the egg yolk. That didn’t quite work out the way that I had hoped either. In my research I found that there would be a transition period. Transition periods are fine but when you work a seven-day week and are in the public eye, you really don’t have transition times.
Then I tried the baking soda ‘shampoo’ with a vinegar rinse. It was like the clouds parted and the sun shone brightly! I first tried it three days ago and am very happy with the results! I broke down and cleaned my hair today, but that was more out of habit than out of need. I think I have finally found the poo-less way that is best for fine, thin and oily hair.  At least for my fine, thin and oily hair.
As each person is different, so will your poo-less trek be.  There are many DIY recipes for ‘shampoo’ and there are many more ‘all natural’ shampoos that you can buy.  I didn’t want to invest a lot of time and money in something that I was trying out, so I opted for the DIY method.  This is where my trek has taken me to date.
I still want to look into another DIY deodorant but my first experience was disastrous and I need to build up the courage to try again.  Until then, I will keep you posted.
Until next time…….
P.S I do realize it has not been eleven days between posts.  The first one was a little late in being posted!