New things happening! – News and Updates – The Red Brick Cafe

We are so excited to announce a new smoothie flavour!  We now have a Raspberry smoothie.  Our taste test has proven a phenomenal success.  It went over so well that we actually had regulars asking for the last week and a half when it was going to be in. It is, hands down, the best raspberry smoothie that Mike and I have ever tasted.  I have always found that with anything raspberry flavoured, that it is a fine line between just right and not enough.  Very rarely can you find something that consistantly hits the mark. 
Our cheesecake bites are proving to be a big hit as well.  Turtle seems to be in the lead with Raspberry Swirl running a close second.  These seem to be a winning combination when paired with a house coffee or Ice Cap.  And what better way to reconnect with old friends while sipping a good coffee and nibbling on a guilt free (because they are only two bites) cheesecake.
So if you are in the area and trying to think of something to do, why not pop by and see what is new at The Red Brick Cafe & Gift House.  If you don’t want to try anything ordinary, ask for something different.  We will find the right taste profile for you and you may find yourself in Sundridge a little bit more often!