New Year, New Goals – News and Updates – The Red Brick Cafe

 Running a Cafe is very similar to try to stay up to date with technology.  It comes down to being in the know; what shows to attend, what organizations to join and who is the right voice to listen to.  In the last year we have brought in loose leaf teas, steeping tea pots, new smoothies and new flavours in syrups.
Our latest endeavour is to attend The 24th Annual Exposition put on by the SCAA .  It is the North American Coffee Show. We are excited about what we might find in the way of new products and ideas.  The Coffee Shows, although long hours, leave us revitalized with a new sense of adventure.  Lots of new ideas bring us a challenge to implement.
This time off will also be our mini vacation for the year.  It allows us to get ready for our 7 day weeks that begin in May.  Sometimes it takes a little reboot to be your best when it comes to the longer hours and less time off.  But then it all comes down to why we started to do this.  Mike and I love our job and the people we meet through it.  it is our way of giving a little bit back to the Village we love.
Hoping all have a wonderful day!