Planning for the future – News and Updates – Red Brick Cafe

With March jumping to the forefront of the calendar it doesn’t seem that summer is too far off.  Considering we were watching snow machines zip past the front of the cafe yesterday, summer seems a long way off.  And yet, next week is already March Break. The temperature is slowly starting to climb, the rain is threatening to come and we may even get to see grass in the near future!
Our trip to Portland is 5 weeks away and we are getting everything in place to go.  We are hoping that the show turns out to be everything that we are expecting.  New coffees, new flavours and new ideas are always at the front of our minds.  Our regulars even are bringing in new ideas (thanks Heather)! Anticipation abounds!
Our newest Torani Syrup that we are playing with is the Bacon flavour.  It may sound a little different but if you close your eyes and imagine a smoky bacon flavour, you basically have the taste.  We are considering something we will call a breakfast latte.  Not for those who are counting their calories but definately for anyone who is looking for something new and different.  We will keep everyone updated as to the new exciting things we find.
May your coffee always be warm!