Self Improvement – Part Four

Education…where do we start? I am not talking about everyone deciding to go back to college or university, although not a bad thing, but learning something new and challenging yourself. You can take e-learning classes, join a bee keeping group, or just read something you have never read before….whatever turns your crank.
Learning new things keeps us young and challenged. Have you ever felt that you have landed in a rut that, no matter how much you spin your tires, you just can’t seem to move? This feeling can lead to a whole bunch of different issues, both physical and mental
Have you ever noticed how good it feels to accomplish something new; to do something you have never done before? That feeling leads to wanting to do more, to learn a different thing. People who are always learning, even from a social group, tend to lead happier, healthier lives.
Sometimes we need to look at things from the view of a toddler. We need to know the how and why. Access to the internet has made this a lot easier, but remember to always research from a couple of different sites before jumping into anything.
So for today, I will say to challenge yourself and learn something new, big or small doesn’t matter, just new.
Have an awesome day!