Self Improvement – Part Two

As you read from the last post, I listed four different ways to work at self improvement. Today is part two: exercise. I am not talking about a super regimented program that make your toes sweat, I am talking about getting out and moving.
Exercise should not be work, it should be something you look forward to. If you enjoy long walks, get out and walk. If you are looking for challenges with your walks/hikes, try geocaching. If you want to challenge your strength, try yoga. If you want to not do anything organized, walk to the local park.
There are multiple exercise regimes if you choose to join a gym. There are even some people who enjoy the gym because it can be solitary. It can be a very good time to really focus on yourself; almost a form of meditation.
Workout videos and dvds are always another option. This way you can look utterly ridiculous in the privacy of your own home without the possible embarrassment. Or you can invite a few friends over so that you can look ridiculous together!
However you choose to exercise, it should make you feel good, not just a chore. Work it into your everyday routine so that it becomes a habit. Challenge yourself and have fun!