Taking Responsibility

With what is happening with Covid, we all have a responsibility. Whether you choose to accept that responsibility is just that, a choice. What we must remember is that choices have an effect.

There are those that have an issue with the masks. It is not something that has been thrown onto us. There has been plenty of time to make a game plan around wearing masks. Many businesses are taking call in orders that are picked up at the door, thus eliminating the masks being on your face for a long amount of time.

Businesses have to enforce masks as well as social distancing. We have been mandated by the Health Unit. Yes, we can choose to ignore this, but the effect of this we could be closed down. To you want to see out local businesses closing down because of a choice that you made?

It is only a mature mind that actually takes into consideration the ripple effect that may take place. Yes, you do have the choice but you also must take the responsibility for your decision. Please step back and observe what may happen if you choose to exercise your right to not wear a mask. It is not conformity, it is a respect for others.