The Importance of Giving Back – Lifestyle – The Red Brick Cafe

you are hereAs a business in a small village, it is extremely important to give back to your community.  I have always been community minded, so this was just a natural step.
Moving up to Sundridge was not a huge change for me and I soon became active with the library and the Parent Council with the high school.  Volunteering with these groups allowed me to meet a great variety of people.  It was through these groups that I realized that there were areas in which our communities were greatly lacking.
We took over The Red Brick Cafe in September of 2010.wellness2 Our first year was focussed on a huge learning curve, but we never forgot about our community.It was shortly after our first year that one of the local churches decided to stop their free clothing giveaway.  My cousin approached me and we took it over.  We initially did one in the spring and one in the fall but soon found out that the fall giveaway was not as well attended.  Add to that we were coming off of our six month stretch of seven days a week, and the fall giveaway proved too much.
So now we collect clothes for six weeks before the event.  We take them home and sort and box them.  It is a well attended event and everyone is very appreciative to all of the volunteers that help make the event possible.
Another project that I have taken up is the community gardens.  But that is another story for another day….
May your coffee always be warm!