Unplugged? – Lifestyle – The Red Brick Cafe

no internetWell today I decided that I would try a little experiment to see how dependent I truly am on the internet.  As of today, I will not use the internet for one week.  I will not even consider it until 9am on Monday November 25.  I am going to keep a journal each day to let everyone know how I was coping with the lack of contact.
It will be challenging in that I will not be keeping up with my friends or games on Facebook. All in all I decided that a complete break for a week will be good.  It will allow me time to pursue things that have been put on the back burner because ‘I just have to finish this game’.  It will allow me to actually write down on paper my thoughts and feelings.
My café regulars may find me a little bit needy, but that is what we want to find out.  I am up for, and look forward to, this challenge that I have set out for myself.  I wanted to let those who wish to follow the journey know what it is that I plan to do so that when I do replug into the net, I know I have the curious at heart to listen.
So, for now I will sign off.  See you in one week from today when I start to transcribe my journal onto my blog.  Wishing everyone an awesome week!