Warm Weather and Smoothies – News and Updates – The Red Brick Cafe

With the warm weather finally arriving, we are going full steam with our Dr. Smoothie line. We have brought in the orange/tangerine smoothie and the blueberry banana smoothie. Both are great additions to the Northern Red Apple, Peach/Pear/Apricot, Four Berry and Wild Cherry/Cranberry smoothies. They are a great thing to grab on your way to the beach.
The other new addition to look for is our frappe line. We will soon have ‘Whole Lotta Toffee’, a ‘Mexican Spiced Cocoa’, and some mystery flavours that you will have to drop by to see. These are a great cold drink and we will be serving them when the weather changes as specialty hot chocolates. We are trying to keep things mixed up and interesting for both our regulars and our soon to be new friends that are up for the summer.
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