Warm weather is here! – News and Updates – The Red Brick Cafe

With the warm weather comes the demand for smoothies.  We have an exciting new flavour – Smooth Lime with Vanilla Cream.  This is a limited run as we don’t know how long it will be available.  It has certainly proven to be a big hit so far!  Our regulars love the kick of lime with the smoothness of the vanilla.
The big winner this year seems to be blueberry/banana.  Mike and I just shake our heads because this is not supposed to be the top according to statistics.  But then again, we are not just your average town are we?  Many people, both regulars and new up to the area, are grabbing a smoothie before heading  to the beach.  There is nothing better than having a nice cold drink before heading into the water.
The other thing that is upside down is our buttertart sales.  Usually we can cut down on our buttertart order because sales go down.  Not so this year.  Almost every second day we are filling up the freezer at the store with buttertarts.  Our orders are all over the place this year.  Our supplier thought we were nuts when we ordered 6 cases of our energy smoothie base.  Since then we have ordered another 3 cases!
Our North Bay supplier is awesome!  He just gave us a new drink to try and we are hoping to get it sampled shortly.  Afterall, if our regulars are impressed, then it is a go.  This is just another thing to watch for as we are hoping to keep everyone on their toes this summer with new and different things.
So, until next time, may your coffee always be warm and your smoothies cold!