Warmer Weather – News and Updates – The Red Brick Cafe

With our snap of warmer weather and then cooling down to more seasonal temperatures I think there a lot of us that are still teetering on the brink of confusion.  Do we trust that winter is over and start the seasonal turnover of clothes, or do we wait until the traditional May 2-4?
There were so many people itching to get the gardens turned and planted.  When we think of planting, we start thinking of last year’s compost pile.  Many of our regulars supplemented their compost with coffee grounds.  This is not only beneficial for the compost but also for Mike and I as it makes the garbage so much lighter! We are looking forward to seeing how our coffee grounds made a difference in these gardens.  If there is anyone looking for coffee grounds for their composters, we invite you to bring in a bucket or tub and we will fill it up for you.
It is a small thing that we do for the environment but it is something that if everyone chose to do, would make a huge difference in our land fills and dumps.  If we all choose just one thing that we are committed to doing, such as picking up trash while we walk or smiling at a stranger, we will make this place a better place to live.  I know that there is potential in everyone.  Let’s show that potential to someone new today!
Until next time…….