Where do you draw the line? – Opinion – The Red Brick Cafe

This post is a little different from the previous posts.  It is a more in depth look at where it is that you draw the line on being eco conscious.  Do you choose where you shop for food, coffee or clothes based on the business’s reputation for being eco friendly?  Do you choose these places because they  support the local economy?
This can be a very personal decision.  In a small town you can be very limited as to what is actually local and easily accessible.  Sometimes it can be challenging to find businesses that can balance the bottom line with being local and eco friendly.  There are ways that you can help with a little effort on your part.  Just bringing your own bags when shopping ccan make a huge difference.
One of the best things with living in a small town is that everyone is a source of information.  For farm fresh eggs, for instance, it is just asking the right person.  We will have a Farmer’s Market this year that will be starting next week. It will be nice to be able to speak to the producers directly.  There will be 16 vendors and the town is really looking forward to it.
For us, it was important to have compostable cups.  We also offer coffee grounds for composting.  It is a small contribution, but it is what we can manage at this time.  If we all do a small part then we can make a difference.